Safe Sanctuary

At Bellevue Reformed Church we make it a priority to protect the safety of our children and young people. For example, we have a Safe Sanctuary Policy that is reviewed and updated annually by our Safe Sanctuary Team, which specifically focuses on preventing any incident of child or youth sexual abuse occurring at the church or at an off-site activity sponsored by the church.

As stated in our policy, the Safe Sanctuary Team consists of the Pastor, Youth Ministers, Kids Hope Director, Sunday School Superintendent, the person overseeing the nursery, the Vice President of Consistory, and one additional installed Elder. Each year each volunteer leader is asked to read an updated version of the policy, and sign a form confirming they’ve done so. [A “volunteer leader” is defined as anyone who has primary responsibility over an activity involving children or youth (e.g. the Sunday School Superintendent as well as the teachers, our Youth Directors and volunteers who work with them, and each of our Kids Hope mentors)]. Each volunteer leader must undergo a background check, have been a part of the BRC community for at least six months, and receive child safety training.

Our current Safe Sanctuary Team consists of the following members:
Rich Scheenstra
Rob and Kim Hileman
Patty Gentile
Rachel Puliafico
Bill Book
Janet Galusha

If you witness or hear of any incident where you suspect any kind of child or youth sexual abuse, we urge you to speak to a member of the Safe Sanctuary Team immediately. We ask you to make a report even if the alleged perpetrator is not part of our congregation.

There is a strict protocol that we follow when such a report is made. If you would like to see a copy of our Safe Sanctuary Policy, please contact the church office (393-1341).

We are grateful to be part of a congregation that welcomes and nurtures children. It truly takes a village to raise a child. It also takes a village to protect our children.

Members of the Safe Sanctuary Team

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