We have a God who make covenants with us, a God who commits himself. This is remarkable. The “gods” of the ancient world were regarded as unpredictable and self-indulgent; none of these gods cared enough about human beings to tie themselves down to a covenant. But the God who makes himself known in the Bible is willing to make promises and be bound by them. Like a marriage covenant, God’s covenant with us is a sign of his love and faithfulness. It isn’t just a theological construct or a pleasing idea; it’s real, it’s costly, and he means it: he signed the ultimate covenant with his own blood.

The Bible says that we can’t love God, who we haven’t seen, without loving our brothers and sisters, who we can see. Committing ourselves to God eventually gets lived out and fleshed out by committing ourselves to the disciples he gathers and makes into the church.

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