Who Are We?

BRC is a motley, uh, diverse group of Jesus Followers affiliated with a part of the worldwide church called the Reformed Church in America. “Reformed” means that we want to continually be reforming and reshaping our lives according to the Scriptures, especially the life and teachings of Jesus. The Reformed tradition also emphasizes the importance of applying this stuff wherever we live, work, play and learn.

We also call ourselves “A Community of Healing and Hope.” Life is pretty challenging for most people. A lot of us carry scars and maybe some open wounds from our past. These can make us question our own value and worth, as well as wonder if there is a God who really cares. BRC is a place where you can take your time to ask and explore your questions, as well as visit groups and activities where there are people like yourself who hope there is more to life, and many who’ve discovered that there is.

Maybe what you’re feeling isn’t so much a need for healing as to be with a group of Christians who are serious about their faith and want to make a difference in the world; Christians who are less concerned with being “religious” than following Jesus. BRC’s motto is: “Following Jesus, wherever he leads us, whatever the cost…for love.” Actually, we’ve learned that there is a level of healing that can’t happen until we’re able to get outside ourselves and serve others.

But all this takes time, which means taking one step at a time. We find that most people want to grow spiritually but often lack a sense of “What’s next?” To help people find their bearings, we’ve organized our congregational life around five steps or movements. You’ll find these five steps in the tab bar at the top of the page. They are Discover, Connect, Engage, Commit and Serve. Feel free to click on each tab and learn what sorts of activities we offer to help people reflect, explore, experiment and grow at whatever stage they find themselves.

Wherever you are in your spiritual journey, we’d love to swap stories and share the road with you. We’re glad you found us. Hope to see you.

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