Membership at BRC involves both professing one’s faith in Christ and making a specific and concrete commitment to this particular community called Bellevue Reformed Church. Don’t worry: if you’ve been attending BRC, we already consider you a part of our community. But there is another step you can take towards further commitment and involvement. It’s called becoming a “confessing member.” Confessing members are ready to embrace certain core Christian doctrines and beliefs. They are also willing to be held to a higher moral standard. Finally, they feel ready to publicly commit their time, spiritual gifts and financial resources to BRC’s ministry and community.

There are three ways people can become confessing members. The first is making Profession of Faith, which is for people who have never been a confessing member before. (It also includes baptism for those who have not been previously baptized.) Another way folks become confessing members is through Transfer of Membership. People who are members in good standing of another congregation often become members in this way. Finally there is Reaffirmation of Faith for people whose membership in this or another church was discontinued for whatever reason.

Then there is the process for becoming a confessing member. That is explained in a brochure that can be found on a table as you are entering or leaving the sanctuary.

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