At BRC we believe that the Scriptures are not just a place to get information about God but a place to actually meet God. Many of us have made it a practice to incorporate reading Scripture into our daily routine. There are some Christians throughout the world who use what’s called a “daily lectionary,” which includes daily readings from the Old Testament, the Gospels, another reading from the New Testament, and often one or more of the Psalms (optional). This enables us to read a significant portion of the entire Bible over the course of two years. We include the lectionary here as a downloadable resource for people who may want to give it a try.

Two other resources you’ll find here are tools you can use to help you reflect and “listen” around a specific passage of Scripture. The SOAP method is the most simple, and you may want to start there. The Funnel method follows the same “steps” that our congregation organizes its life around, and are reflected in the tabs along the top of this website – Discover, Connect, Engage, Commit and Serve.

There are obviously many ways to be with God. These are a few resources that some of us have found helpful.

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